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NextGenVest is a division of CommonBond, Inc., a higher education financing company which provides student loan refinancing, origination, and employee benefits.*

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College is expensive

$39,000 is the average debt per college student

30% of students who take out loans drop out of college

$2.7 BN / yr in financial aid goes unclaimed 



We make it easier  

Our free text message service provides students with the help they need to navigate the financial aid and student loan process.



Our impact

65,000+ students helped

$40 million in financial aid

30,000+ FAFSA questions answered.

10,000+ scholarships matched. 






Tell me more

Who are Money Mentors? 
They are trained college students that use NextGenVest's technology to provide customized help.

How much does it cost?
Our texting service is free! We protect student data and rigorously vet our financial partners. 

Im a high school student, how can you help me? 
We'll help file for FAFSA, apply for college, understand loans, and more! 

Im a college student, how can you help me? 
We can help you lower your student debt, build your credit, and budget. 





“My Money Mentor knows more about student loans than my parents. She’s a real expert.”

—Malcolm, NYC college student



We support teachers, counselors, and college access programs by being available on nights and weekends.



Hear from Our CEO

“It’s really difficult to pursue a passion when you owe $39,000 in debt. We started NextGenVest to make sure every student has the help they need to live their fullest lives.”

- Kelly Peeler, Watch Her TED Talk