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3 FAFSA Fails as Told by Students


By Noely Ramos, College Student


A big part of the college application process is applying for scholarships and applying for the FAFSA. Many first-time students end up making mistakes because the form has lots of jargon and confusing questions. Here are three #FAFSAfails as told by current college students. 

1. Inconsistent personal information

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This can vary from putting the wrong birth date, address, or spelling of your name. A Money Mentor from Baruch College in New York City recalled that “I had to spend two weeks trying to work with the FAFSA help desk after I realized I put my nickname "John" as opposed to my full name as listed on my social security card "Johnathan".


2. Forgetting your FSA ID Password

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Most students start the FAFSA process at their high school or through a NextGenVest FAFSA 101 Workshop. During this process many students make the mistake of creating a random password for their FSA ID, which is basically like your username and password for the FAFSA. A Money Mentor from University of Oklahoma noted "I had to reset my FSA ID about 5 times over the course of filling it out the first time and each time it took about 3 days to reset - it was an absolute nightmare."


3. Adding More Colleges to the FAFSA


Many students don't realize they can go back into their FAFSA and change the 10 colleges they originally put on their application. It is recommended that the 10 colleges you put into your FAFSA application be those from your state and then those out of state but sometimes students apply to more than 10. So how do we put more than 10? Well, after the first 10 receive the FAFSA applications (check your portals every so often), you can go back and switch those for the ones you haven’t sent your FAFSA to. Make sure you're in touch with the financial aid officers at the colleges you are applying to in order to make sure any updates to your FAFSA were actually processed.

Make sure to avoid these mistakes and participate in NextGenVest's national #FinishTheFAFSA campaign!