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The 4 Best Ways to Look for Scholarships Online


By Mansukh Gobind, College Student


Scholarships are like blessings because they don't need to be reimbursed. There are a large number of scholarships offered by schools, foundations, privately owned businesses, and community/religious gatherings. A scholarship may take care of your entire tuition, or it may be a one-time gift of a couple of hundred dollars. In any case it merits applying for because it'll help decrease the cost of your education. You just have to know how to seek them out!


1. What Sorts Of Scholarships Are Available?


Some scholarships are need-based. You win them by meeting certain gauges set by the grant supplier. Merit-based scholarships may be granted because of an impressive scholarly accomplishment or an exceptional ability or attribute. There's also identity-based scholarships that are intended for people of a certain age, gender, race, ethnicity, or religion. What's more, some are accessible based on where you or your parents work or your connection to a specific organization (for example, there are scholarships for military families).

2. How Do I Discover Scholarships?

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You can find out about grants in a few ways, including reaching out to the financial aid office at the college you intend to go to or your guidance counselor at your high school. You can also look online for scholarships, but be careful. Ensure scholarship information and offers you receive are honest and legitimate; and remember that you don't need to pay to receive grants or scholarship guides.

Here's where you can go to look for scholarships online:

3. When Do I Apply?

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The time to apply depends on every grant's due date. Some deadlines are as early as a year prior to beginning college, so you ought to start exploring and applying for scholarships during the spring of your junior year. If you end up missing a deadline, don't worry! There are lots of scholarships out there and you can always find other ones that are still accepting applications.

4. How Do I Apply?

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Every grant has its own requirements. The scholarship's listing should give you the information you need to figure out if you meet the requirements and how you should apply. Ensure that you read the application carefully and apply well before the application due date to boost your chances of winning the scholarship! Need more help? Make sure to ask your Money Mentor! 

Kelly Peeler