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What do our college kids want high school students to know? Advice from 8 Money Mentors


By Amanda Draper, National Content and Social Media Director at Money Mentor


When we talked to eight Money Mentors and asked them what they wanted high school students to know, this is what they told us.

Amber on the importance of venturing outside your comfort zone: “Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone! Find what you’re really passionate about and pursue it! It might be scary at first to try out new classes or switch your major but once you find what you love to do, it will all be worth it!”

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Sarah on not getting caught up with the fun of being in college: “I wish I would have known how important scholarships were when I first started college. I didn't apply to any and I should have. The advice I want to give to high schoolers is to work extremely hard your first semester of college. My school gave me academic scholarships for having above a 3.0, but because I didn't focus or study enough, I lost those scholarships. Don't get too caught up in the party scene or the newfound independence you suddenly have. Time management is very important. If you can manage your time well between school, friends, and social events, you can minimize your stress level and excel in your classes.”

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Rahib on getting involved and asking for help: “Make sure to get involved and be proactive outside of the classroom! When I first came to college I was so focused on my classes and grades that I did not get involved in many extracurricular activities. However, future employers always look at how well-balanced you are in and out the class, and extracurriculars are great for making friends! Also, never be afraid to ask for help from your friends, professors, and counselors.”

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Brittany on asking for help: “I completely understand coming to college unprepared academically, financially, and emotionally. Trust me when I say it’s completely normal! The biggest key to success in college is to never stop trying and to ask for help when needed, which is one of the reasons you should always check to see what resources there are (financial, health, academic, etc).”

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Janessa on going to college and starting over somewhere completely new: “I love college. It was super scary to go out of state and start over somewhere completely new. I didn’t know anyone especially since most of my friends stayed in Minnesota. It was so worth it. I have made so many amazing friends and gotten so many amazing opportunities. I do get homesick but no matter how scary it seemed at first, I have overcome that and can’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

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Erica on the importance of asking questions: “When I was going through the college process, I was too afraid to ask questions - PLEASE DON’T DO THAT! Ask as many questions as you want/need!” If you have any questions during the college application process, do not hesitate to ask your Money Mentor! You can sign up here for free Money Mentoring.

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Ashlyn on the importance of speaking up: “Don’t be afraid to speak! This advice is twofold. One, if you speak up in class, and show you know the material or are curious about it, the more likely your professor is to notice you and the easier it will be to form a bond with them. Two, if you don’t speak up, you won’t make as many friends! Put yourself out there. Every freshman is in the same boat. If you’re a quiet person like me, push yourself to be more outgoing. You’ll be grateful in the long run!”

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Amanda Draper is the National Content and Social Media Director at Money Mentor. Amanda lives and works in Washington, D.C.

Amanda Draper is the National Content and Social Media Director at Money Mentor. Amanda lives and works in Washington, D.C.

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