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Teacher Spotlight: Stephanie Fox, Bayside High School


Edited by Samantha Bruno-Tello, a High School Student

Image from @element5Digital on Unsplash

Image from @element5Digital on Unsplash

My Background

I grew up in Queens. In High School I was part of a law program and realized it wasn’t for me. I attended a business program in college and I learned that I loved working in business and incorporating everything I learned in real life. When I graduated, I worked in a publishing company. It was a wonderful time for me, especially since they had just hired 9 graduates, under the age of 30. It brought about a great opportunity to learn a lot of things: market research, focus groups, management, while at the same time being in a fun and exciting working environment. Afterwards, I worked in major league baseball and learned the fundamentals of baseball as well as the background of the business in the sport and the entertainment industry. I then worked in the peace corps which is where I found my passion working with high schools.

What Inspired Me to Go Into Education

Through my experience in the peace corps, I was a business volunteer and worked with teachers. I taught gym in a co-ed school. When I was teaching, I would often find the young women sitting on the sidelines because it was frowned upon for women to participate in sports. One day, one of the young women began training and participating in the sport, with the rest following suit- it was at that point that I realized that one person can make a difference. Pairing my understanding of business and education, I am able to really make a difference in the world.

What I Think Most Students Need Help With in the College Process

It’s unfortunate that many students lack the knowledge of opportunity it takes for them to successful in college. In Queens, the majority of students are first-gen students meaning that many of them don’t fully comprehend the severity of student loan debt nor do they have proper guidance at home when it deals to how to apply for a scholarship, which schools are the perfect choice, or what do to in order to get a head start.

What Students Can Get Out of NextGenVest Money Mentors

I’m proud to say that most if not all of my students know about NextGenVest as I truly believe and am inspired by the work you all do and the effort you put into helping students. I’ve had a lot of my students come to me and say that they’re so excited to meet their money mentor someday since they are local in NYC. I know that some of my students have been in communication with their mentors, helping them with college lists and researching scholarships, which is amazing!


Edited by Samantha Bruno-Tello, a High School Student at Bayside High School

Edited by Samantha Bruno-Tello, a High School Student at Bayside High School

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