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4 Ways to Get Involved in Your College


By Paige Holmes, Oklahoma University


College would be pretty boring if it was only class and homework. Luckily, it isn't! Colleges are hubs of extracurricular activities, organizations and experiences. Here are 3 ways to help you find some fun people and groups while you're in college:

1. Get Involved with Your Major

People in your major or department at your college would be a great group to be around. After all, they enjoy the same things you do! Look to see if the head of your major department hosts any events like group lunches. For example, at my college, the engineering department has a robotics team, the communications department has a debate program, and the English majors have a literary/visual arts journal that they publish every year.

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2. Use Your Interests from High School

A lot of the things you liked to do in high school are still around in college. Like theater? Audition for one of your school's plays. Play sports? Even if you don't want to play for your college's official team, intramural leagues are a great way for people who enjoy sports to play, regardless of skill. Used to be on the yearbook committee? Look into joining your school's newspaper, or another campus publication.

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3. Try Something New!

Maybe you want to be around people with different ideas and mindsets as you, or you're ready to do something different than what you spent four years doing in high school. College is the perfect place to try new things! If you're looking to meet new people, you can try Greek life, a sorority or a fraternity. If you're just looking for a new experience, you've got almost endless possibilities! Just look around.

4. Take Some Advice from a Money Mentor


Ashlyn is a Money Mentor and a student at the University of Findlay. Her advice details how to succeed socially in college:

Don’t be afraid to speak! This advice is twofold. One, if you speak up in class, and show you know the material or are curious about it, the more likely your professor is to notice you and the easier it will be to form a bond with them. Two, if you don’t speak up, you won’t make as many friends! Put yourself out there. Every freshman is in the same boat. If you’re a quiet person like me, push yourself to be more outgoing. You’ll be grateful in the long run!
Kelly Peeler