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5 Common College Fears, Explained


By Paige Holmes, Oklahoma University


Going to college is an exciting time to discover new things, learn new ideas, and grow as a person. More often than not, though, college ends up causing students stress above all else. Here are a few fears and stress-causing questions about college and their answers.

1. What If I Don't Make Any Friends?

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This seems to be the most common issue students worry about when it comes to going to college. However, here's the secret that helped me quit stressing about making friends in college... The fact is, everyone else is trying to make friends and scared they won't, too! Just about everyone is in the same boat as you. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and try to make some friends in class, in your dorm, or just walking around campus. Everyone else is going to be doing the same thing.

2. What If I Get Homesick?

This fear is one that can strike even before you go to college. A lot of students end up going to a college closer to their home because they're nervous about traveling to another state, or even across the country, all by themselves. The truth is, everyone gets homesick at some point. It's all part of becoming an adult. When you get homesick, try not to worry about it more than you need to. It will pass with time.

3. What If I Get Sick?

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This was one that worried me when I started college. What happens if I get sick when I'm not living at home and have to go to the doctor? Colleges plan for this when you enroll. Most of them will require some form of health insurance, whether you buy your own or continue on your parents' plan. That way, if you do get sick, you can go to the doctor, you'll be covered.

4. What If I Don't Like My Roommate?

Roommates are temporary. If you don't particularly like yours, you can get a new one next year! It's not mandatory to be friends with your roommate. If your differences with your roommate begin causing problems, talk to your RA about it. They'll be able to talk to both of you and hopefully help you out.

5. What If I Fail My Classes?

This is a pretty universal fear among students. If you show up for class and complete your homework on time, failure shouldn't be a big worry. However, if you are worried about passing a class, there are several options out there for you. It's common for a college to have at least one tutoring program on-campus for students where you can get some help. There are dozens of online resources to help you study and recover your grade. You can talk to your professor about what you can do to raise your grade. Finally, you can always drop the class, if you're able to.

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