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4 Reasons Why It's a Good Idea to Attend a Community College


By Paige Holmes, Oklahoma University


While the typical college journey is viewed as four years at the same school, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to attending a community college before heading off to a bigger university.

1. It's Cheaper

It's no small fact that college is incredibly expensive. By attending a community college and then transferring to a four year university, you'll be saving a lot of money. The American Association of Community Colleges reported in 2016 that it was nearly three times more expensive to attend a four year school than a community college.

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2. You'll Be Able to Live at Home

Most community colleges don't offer on-campus housing, which is one reason why they're so cheap. This means you'll have to drive to class every day, but you'll be able to continue living at home. You won't have to spend all the money it takes to buy furnishings and decorations for a dorm room, and you won't have to worry about paying for a meal plan at your college either.

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3. Your Classes Will Be Smaller, and You'll Be Able to Transfer

Community colleges have a much smaller student body population by far compared to public four year schools. Because of this, you'll have a smaller student/faculty ratio, meaning there will be fewer students in your classes. Four year schools are very willing to work with students transferring from community colleges, and they'll be excited at the chance to have you become part of their student body.

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4. Get Your Associate's Degree!

If you only want to earn an Associate's Degree, you can get one at a low cost at a community college. It's very uncommon to find a community college that offers a bachelor's degree, but you can obtain a variety of Associate's Degrees and technical certificates at a community college without ever needing to attend a four year college.

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