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Why It's Okay to Have an Undecided Major When You Enter College


By Paige Holmes

There's a lot of stress involved when picking your major. Students in their senior year of high school feel an even greater amount of stress from the pressure of choosing the right major before they go to college. There's nothing wrong with going in as an undecided major when entering your freshman year, and here are a few reasons why:


You Can Explore Your Interests

When going in as an undecided major, you'll usually take a few introductory courses in a few different areas to get an idea for what some degrees would be like. You can use this time to take classes that correlate to your interests or potential careers that you're interested in. Keep an open mind and see what could provide a good degree and career for you in the future.

You Might Discover Something New

College is a very different experience compared to high school, and there is so much more of a variety of things to study in college than you could in high school. By taking a few classes in a few different areas, you may discover a passion for something that was only a passing interest before. Branch out and explore plenty of opportunities!

You'll Be More Certain About Your Major

It's better to choose a major a little late and stick with it, than to switch your major and potentially set yourself back. Depending on how far into your degree you get before you decide to change your major, you may have completed a decent amount of classes for your old major that no longer mean anything since you've chosen a new major. The time lost on those classes could cause you to graduate late. Take your time and make a choice that you know you'll want to stick with!

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