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3 Important People to Get to Know in College


By Paige Holmes, University of Oklahoma



College is full of people, many of whom will be strangers to you when you arrive. While you'll have years to get to know as many people as you want, there are a few people you need to get to know well before your freshman year is over. Knowing these people will make many aspects of the college experience much easier for you.

1. Your Financial Aid Counselor

This is probably the most important person for you to know while in college. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your student account or your bill from the college, this is who you have to talk to. They're also your point of contact for dealing with your specific financial aid and things like scholarships that will be credited to your account. Make sure you have your financial counselor's contact information in case you ever need to reach them.

2. Your Academic Advisor

Your advisor will usually be someone working in the department that correlates to your major (for example, I'm a journalism major and my advisor is the Chair of the Department of Communication at my college). Advisors are extremely helpful when you don't know what classes to take next semester, if you want to add a minor to your degree, or if you have any questions about your major or a desire to change it.

3. Your Resident Assistant

Your RA, or Resident Assistant, is an older student in charge of your dorm, or your floor on the dorm. If you have a dorm curfew, they're the one who makes sure you're in the building on time. They can help you solve any issues that come up between you and your roommates, and they're there to talk about anything you'd like to talk about. Your RA is there to help you adjust to living away from home as easily and painlessly as possible. Don't be afraid to ask them for help!

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