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What to do at a College Visit


Written by Lesley Ofori, a High School student

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Visiting colleges is an exciting part of the college application process. No amount of photos, videos, or flyers could tell you more about the school than actually going there yourself. There are many types of college visits. Some colleges will give you a tour, others will let you sit in on a class, virtual tours, and there are even overnight college visit programs. Here are some things that you will really need to do to make the most of your college visit.

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Ask Questions

When you go in a college visit, prepare a list if questions to ask the leader of your visit or students if you get the chance. Don't ask questions that you could easily find the answer to online. Ask about how the students feel of the college, the positives and negatives, and the overall atmosphere of the college. Do some research before you go and ask questions about any schools or programs to which you plan to  apply. Don't just sit back and be a spectator but get all the information that you can while on campus.

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Take Contact Information

If you meet anyone that you think could help you in making a decision about that college or someone that really impressed and inspires you, take their contact information. This could be a phone number, email, or social media handle. Once you have the contact information don't forget to actually use it. Call, text, email, or direct message these people and ask them even more questions or ask them for advice so that they can help you see a clearer picture of the college.

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Have Fun!

Don't forget that you are on a college visit, not a college interview. Have fun and make new friends and memories with people who could one day be your classmates.  Of course, you should act professionally and make a good impression but don't be afraid to let loose and really see all that the school has to offer.

Applying for colleges and ultimately choosing one to go to are hard decisions to make. Attending a college visit can make it better if you utilized this time and opportunity to the best of your ability!

Lesley Ofori, Bayside High School Student

Lesley Ofori, Bayside High School Student

Lesley Ofori