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5 Things You Need for the Spring Semester


written by Samantha Bruno-Tello, a high school student

Image from Gabriel Garcia Marengo on  Unsplash

Image from Gabriel Garcia Marengo on Unsplash

While the glorious, allergy-filled season of spring might not officially start until mid-March, the spring semester for colleges is right around the corner. If you're one of the many college students who chose a relaxing month to lounge over the opportunity to take winter classes, you're probably snuggled comfortably between three blankets, some pillows and maybe a stuffed animal right now. That's the life. But you don't want everything to hit you like a bunch of bricks to the face once you're thrown back into school in a couple of weeks. Trust me, you're going to want to be prepared.


1. A Money Mentor

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Having one will make your life so much easier. If you need some help finding scholarships, grants or other forms of financial aid, they've got you. They've got you with budgeting, they've got you with planning & scheduling classes, they've got you with finding jobs in your area- basically, they're here to help take a load or two off your back. Plus, they're free. So... Why wouldn't you want one?

2. A Reusable Water Bottle


 Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also a lot more convenient, makes sure you stay hydrated and also helps you save money. (Also, if you’re a coffee addict like me, life gets so much easier with this. Make your coffee at home and have it last for hours. Contigo bottles are really good for keeping hot bevs hot.)

3. A Planner


Use this religiously, people! Having a planner is one of the most convenient things in the world. It helps you keep track of everything you need to do and makes sure you're focusing on important tasks. Also, it makes sure you don't accidentally make plans on a day you already have plans for... Definitely not speaking from personal experience...

4. A Portable Charger


This has definitely been you at least once in your life. Especially if you own an iPhone, which I'm sure a lot of you do, you're going to want one of these. No questions asked. You need one.

5. Evernote


Last but not least, Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps that you can download across almost all your devices. Since it’s supported by most systems, you can have all your notes synced & readily available to you on your phone and laptop everywhere. Jot some things down in class, or on the bus, up to you!

written by Samantha Bruno-Tello, a high school student at Bayside High School.

written by Samantha Bruno-Tello, a high school student at Bayside High School.

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