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How to Make New Friends in College


Written by Lesley Ofori Antwi, a High School Student


Making the transition from high school to college can be an equally exciting and scary process. You will be starting a new and essential part of your life and one of the most important things that you will do for your career.  However, going to college can be a big culture shock for someone especially because they may no longer be with the friends that they have known for their entire lives and will be forced to make new friends at their college. For some people making new friends is not a challenging thing to do but for many others it doesn't come as naturally. Here are some ways for you to step out of your comfort zone and make new friends in your new journey to college.

Be Nice to Your Roommate!

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More often than not, your college roommate will be the first person that you meet at your college. This also makes them your first opportunity to make a friend. Be nice and courteous to them. For the first few months of school this person will definitely be someone that you see the most on campus. You probably won't get along all the time but that's characteristic of a natural friendship anyway. No matter what, try and be kind and understanding to your roommate and you will have a great friend for the rest of the semester and hopefully much longer.

Participate in Extracurricular Activities

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You probably heard it all throughout high school and the same applies in college; participating in  extracurricular activities is an essential part of your overall success in school. Of course school will be super boring if all you do is attend classes, go home, do your homework, eat, sleep, and repeat. By participating in extracurricular activities, you give yourself more opportunities to make lasting friendships and gain social skills that will benefit you in any career that you plan to pursue. Participating in extracurricular activities doesn't only include joining a club. You can also try-out for a sports team, apply for an internship, or start an organization of your own! All of these activities expose you to more people and increase your potential friend pool.

Put Yourself Out There

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College can be stressful but you should find the time to have fun and enjoy this principal time of your life. If you want to make new friends, put yourself out there. You want to do the equivalent of putting a "Seeking friends"ad on Craigslist but in real-life. Go to school events, parties, socials, and wherever you can display your best characteristics.

Be Yourself

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Last but not least, be yourself. If you want to make friends that will last and be loyal to you, it is important that you are your absolute self in all the things that you do. The people that you attract being your absolute self will be your real friends. Besides, if you make a lot of friends by acting as someone your not, one day you will lose these "friends". The best way to go is to be 100% natural, awesome, unapologetically you. 

Lesley Ofori Antwi, Bayside High School Student

Lesley Ofori Antwi, Bayside High School Student

Lesley Ofori