Money Mentor




Mentor Mentors text message service sounds great! Is it free?

Who are Money Mentors?
Money Mentors are primarily first generation college students who have passed a rigorous financial aid and student loan training certification. They are powered by our secure and cutting edge technology to reach students over text message effectively and efficiently.

How do they support me?
They send deadline reminders, answer financial aid questions, curate scholarships, and more all over text! They can even come in person to host free financial aid workshops at your school! You can reserve a workshop here.

Who do you help?
We help high school students who need help with:
    •    Finding scholarships
    •    Selecting “financially” fit colleges
    •    Filling out the FAFSA
    •    Negotiating tuition (more here)
    •    Picking cost effective meal plans

Im already in college and have debt. Can you help me?
Yes, we got you! Our Money Mentors can help you:

  • Find scholarships to reduce loan burdens for next year.

  • Help you negotiate your financial aid package. More here.

  • Develop a student loan repayment plan.

  • Build credit so that you can increase your chances of being able to re-finance your loans at a lower rate.

  • Create a personalized budget

  • Find paid internships

  • Organize loan information and set up reminders for any payments

  • And more!

Sign up now for a Money Mentor.

Is my information safe with Money Mentor?
Yes. We're committed to keeping student information secure. We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline. Read our Privacy Notice for more information.

Im a parent seeking financial advice for my son/daughter, can you help me?
Sure thing! Here are just some of the ways we can help your daughter/son:
    •    Finding scholarships.
    •    Selecting "financially" fit colleges.
    •    Filling out the FAFSA.
    •    Negotiating tuition (more here).
    •    Picking cost effective meal plans.

If your daughter/son is in college we can help with:
    •    Developing a student loan repayment plan.
    •    Picking a student-friendly credit card to build credit.
    •    Creating a personalized budget.
    •    Finding paid internships.
    •    Organizing his loan information and reminding him of any payments.
    •    And more!

Get your son/daughter help right away by having them sign up for a Money Mentor here.

Im a high school teacher, how does this help my high school students?
Your job is about to get easier! We can help in two main ways:
    •    We host 30 minute workshops on paying for college (FAFSA, Scholarships, Financial Aid Award Letters). Click here to see more information for a high school.
    •    Once Students sign up, they will receive text message reminders and help on the FAFSA, scholarship deadlines, fee waivers deadlines, developing a student loan repayment plan, and more!

Do my students or I need to attend a workshop to signup?
Nope, you can sign up now here.

Can parents attend workshops?
Yes, the more informed parents and students there are, the better!

Does Money Mentor do visits for community engagement?
Yes! You can reserve a 30 minute workshop here and one of our team members will be in touch with you within 24 hours!

I love the concept of Money Mentor and would love to contribute! How can I?
Check out our open positions here.

Who has Money Mentor helped so far?
We have helped over 40,000 students access $39 Million in financial aid. We got you!