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Tell us a little about you

I grew up in Brooklyn and I'm currently a sophomore at SUNY Binghamton University. I'm majoring in Neuroscience but Pre-Veterinary.


Can you describe the highs and lows of your college experience? 

The highs of my college experience have definitely been the clubs I've been involved in on campus like my dance team and the pre-vet club. Being active on campus really gave me the opportunity to find a place where I could have a break from studying and meet new people. The lowest of the low was taking intro Chemistry. It was a class I really struggled with.


What was most stressful to you about paying for college if you could pick out one thing? Why? 

What was most stressful to me about paying for college is thinking about the debt I'm going to be in after I graduate because I had to take out loans in order to pay for college. It's a scary thought to think about owing thousands of dollars once you graduate and having to find a good job right after to help start pay it off. 



Who helped you navigate paying for college? 

I actually did most of this myself besides my mom being there. If I ever needed help I would just text the Money Mentor hotline and my own Money Mentor was always available. That's why I became a Money Mentor myself! 


What are you majoring in? What has been your favorite class? 

I'm majoring in Neuroscience & minoring in Africana Studies. I chose neuroscience because other than veterinary science I'm also interested in psychology and there is no animal science major at my school so I had no choice but to choose a major unrelated to veterinary science. Africana studies was my choice of minor becuase I love learning about where my people came from and being educated about common misconceptions about Africa/Africans. My favorite class so far definitely has to be my horsemanship class. I get to ride horses and learn how to take care of them!


What do you hope to do with your career? 

With my career I hope to help animals and bring a smile to people's faces to know that their best friends are healthy! I want to help animals achieve longevity in their lives.

I envision myself either in California or New York City.


What do you do in your free time? 

I am on a dance team called Black Dance Repertoire and we get invited perform for many shows on campus throughout the school year.  I am also in the Pre-Vet club where we volunteer on Alpaca farms and other places with animals. 


What is your biggest piece of advice for college so far? 

My biggest piece of advice for college is to plan your study time. Once you plan your study time you won't be too overwhelmed and will spend enough time on each class as you should. 


Why do you like about being a Money Mentor? 

I liked being a Money Mentor because I got to talk to so many students about struggles that I was going through myself and it was cool to see how many people I could relate to. I liked being able to be there for other students and give advice based on my experiences.


What's one thing that you learned while being a Money Mentor? 

One thing I learned while being a Money Mentor intern is that you can receive financial aid no matter what your family's income is, sometimes you even need to negotiate your college tuition. 

Grace Martinez