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What's your background? 

I was born and raised in Manhattan, specifically the Lower East Side. Currently, I attend Baruch College through the Macaulay Honors Program. 


Can you describe the highs and lows of your college experience? 

A high in my college experience so far has been going to school in New York City. Starting my second year, I have already had 2 internships, and not a lot of people my age can say that. As a low, I think going to a school so specialized, specifically in business, was more restrictive than I thought it would be. 


What was most stressful to you about paying for college if you could pick out one thing? Why? 

Through the Macaulay Honors Program, I actually go to school for free. However, there is a huge difference between CUNY and private universities, and it is really upsetting that the absurd prices universities charge may possibly restrict you from attending them. 


Who helped you navigate paying for college? 

I was lucky enough that I had my mom help me fill out the FAFSA application. Other than that, I was very uniformed about loans or scholarships, and looking back I really wish I had someone to help me. 


What are you majoring in (or thinking of majoring in) and why? What has been your favorite class? 

My freshman year I was on a business track, but decided to take a semester to take science and liberal arts courses. Currently, I am undecided but am trying to somehow combine marketing/management and biological sciences. 


What do you hope to do with your career? What city or profession do you envision yourself in? 

Because I am not sure about my major, I am not sure what career I will end up doing. However, I have always known that I want it to have action and to be with people. In other words, a boring desk job is not what interests me. I want the work I do to expose me to different things every single day. 


What sports do you play or clubs / activities do you do? What do you like to do on the weekends? 

I think one of the best things about college is the mass amount of things there are for you to get involved with. My freshman year I was in a business club, Habitat for Humanity club, and a Gastronomy club. This year I joined my school's leadership club and fitness club. 


What is your biggest piece of advice for college so far? 

Get involved right from the start. Meet as many new people as you can, and keep in touch with them. Join clubs for fun and for your major, and attend as many events as possible. 


Why do you like about being a NextGenVest Money Mentor? 

I think being a Money Mentor is a great way to get introduced to the workforce. It's a really relatable position and it makes me feel very comfortable since I'm so familiar with what I'm presenting to school students. NextGenVest is a company that cares about its' Money Mentors, and whatever you invest they invest back in you. It is incredibly beneficial in every sense of the word. I'm having a lot of fun. 


What's one thing that you learned while being a Money Mentor? 

I learned that there is more than one path you can take when it comes to paying for college. When you are young and applying for school, everything seems so black and white, and the system so big and scary that you are just at the will of financial aid. But interning at NextGenVest made me realize that anyone is able to take control of their own finances and do what is right for them. 

Grace Martinez